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The company, Gold and Silver Mining of Nevada, Inc., is in the business of precious metals mining and processing of massive gold and silver ore bodies in central Nevada. The gold and silver located in the company owned mining claims in these districts has been previously drilled and evaluated by qualified geologists and mining engineers. Extensive records, analysis, maps and pictures have been acquired with the staking, purchase, and filings of the various mining claims.

The company is not looking for ore, but is in the process of developing previously identified ore bodies which were not mined out and which have a previously studied history. Read More +

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Our new properties

We have been evaluating various properties throughout Nevada

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Prime properties

Our prime assets properties

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Properties Claims

Various claims on valuable assets

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Audited Financials for year end 12/31/12

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Filed audited report with OTC… News Release

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Drilling report for drilling and assay work done in 2012-2013, News Release

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Industry Updates

The formation of Gold and Silver Mining of Nevada is the culmination of over 13 years of work by N. Fred Anderson, it's President and over 33 years of geology and engineering work by Brian Bond. ...Read More +

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